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sorry~ [mon feb 19th, 2007 »2:38p]
sorry for leaving my LJ for too long T_T
I've done a lot of things, and I've had a bunch of problems~
I'll try to continue updating~

[wed jan 3rd, 2007 »12:02a]
[ mood | ZzzZzZ ]

It's 12 am and I'm sleepy, andI'm crying to Forever Love... Fuck, how I love that fucking song. It makes me cry a lot!
Today I went to zhamantha 's house, we ate berries and she wrote something really beautiful in my agenda, I love you my friend. =333
Mmmmh... I don't have much to write... Zhamantha will go to Talca soon... I'll miss her a lot! Tomorrow *today* I don't know what I'll do... Maybe I'll go to the downtown... I'm not sure. Tomorrow I'll go to Rayén's house, because It's her birthday, today I'll buy her present. (It's 12 am... I have a problem with the today-tomorrow's thing xd)...
And now a little publicity for mi dea~r mother Tsukasa and her's new LJ psycho_hatter!!! She haven't uploaded nothing yet... ¬¬ But oh well...
Bye bye and things.

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New Year [mon jan 1st, 2007 »10:55p]
[ mood | o0ó! ]

My New year yas really nice!
I ate grapes and wear yellow underwear (YEs, I want to find my love~ xD)
Yesterday I rested all day in bed, and like 9pm I dressed up, maked up myself, and we (all my family) went to the beach, wich have a really nice view of the fireworks...
The fireworks this year were really AMAZING! Really really beautiful... And the show was really long too, 20 minutos of lights and such.
I made a video, of 3 minutes of fireworks, I'll upload it to youtube to post it here, ok?

Wishes for this year:
-Making my parents accept my visual kei friends.
-Finding real love.
-To go to see a Placebo live (maybe in march!)
-To be happy.
-To continue seeing my visual kei friends, even if ]I have to keep that as a secret.
-Having good marks as always
-I'd like not to see my spanish teacher this year... difficult but...oh well...
-Still being myself, even if I'm discriminated and things like that....
-I want to know better some nice people I've met this year.

Good things about the last year:
-Meeting zhamantha ... You've changed my life!
-Meeting Tsukasa...my dear mother, you've changed my life too!
-Knowing that Rayén will still in this city.
-Knowing better Francisca.
- Meeting all the visual Kei Fans from here... ( Khrono, Demi, Juka, Sango, Naome, Jun, Reiita, Assa, Tamashi, Ichin, Kyashi, Tashime, Aniki, Cote, Mana, Meli, Inu, Relena, Javi, Gacku, Wamila, and much much more people! Sorry If I've forgot  name...)
-Meeting haruland
-A lot of  Anime Events.
-My firts Visual Kei Party.
-I can go to walk alone to the mall, the street,etc
-I can dress like I've always wanted to dress.
-Good marks.
-Being happy? *O*!

Bad things about the last year:
-Having to keep my friends as a secret ;_;
-Bad, really bad teachers.
-My family beaing really desunited.
-My mum and dad being very cold between them.
-Realize that I've never being in love.
-Being so young and small xD
-My clasmates saying mean things to me.
-That's it...

I've realized that, in general, this was a good year...
Love for you.

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[mon jan 1st, 2007 »3:37p]
[ mood | *O*! ]

Happy New year!!! Hope this year will be the better one! I wish you everyone good luck in this year!!!

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[sat dec 30th, 2006 »12:42a]
Saddam Hussein died. Yes, I made a whole post for this.
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Beach Day BD! [fri dec 29th, 2006 »9:29p]
[ mood | =D ]

Today I had such a great time... But let's start with the mornig.
Tsukasa invited me to the beach, woth some people more, and the night of yerterday my mother said no. I was really sad, because I really wanted to go to the beach! Well, but I accepted that. In this morning, she called me and said that I could go to the beach, she changed her opinion. I was really happy, teh only problem was that she asked my in whatr beach and the hour of the meeting. I didn't knew, because, 'cause she said I couldn't go, I didn't asked that. Well, I called Tsukasa more than twenty times, and I was realkly sad, because the only thing I needes was that!!! I wanted to cry, because I was really sad. I called Relena too, be she wasn't in her home, and she haven't got a mobile. I entered in MSN, thinkin I coudn't go, and I saw Kyashi conected!!! *O*! I remembered that Tsukasa telled me that she would go, and I was like OMGILOVEU! xD! She said at 2pm, at thew Otaku no Shoten, And that trhey would go to the Caleta Abarca, or Acapulco. I made all my things and I went. Ehrn I arrived,at 2:10pm, and no-one was there T_T I though that They leaved me, when I saw Ishi, I was the secong one to arrive. Then, Ayline, Kyashi and Tsukasa arived. And we started walking to the beach, without Ishi, because she wanted to see someone *uuh~~*. We arrived and we had a lot fo fun! Then, Ishi and Ichi (yes, Ishi=female, Ichi=male xD) arrived, and we had a lot of time with the "Beach Team" xD It was really cool, and it was really funny, exept when they talked about sex! xDD We played in the sea and much more... And A "flayte" was back us... And he was ...he was... AAAAAAHHH! T___T That was disturbing!!! Ichi tooked some photos of the girls in the beach with MY camera ( I erased them xD) and we started talking thing like "What visual girl and what visual boy would you "eat"?" For everyone was a boy and a girl... I didn't said anything... And I though that... I wouldn't eat no-one! xDDDD  Then, we started to walk a second time to the calle valpo, screaching a placer to eat something yummy. Ichi and Kyashi went to asnother place than us, and we ate at the "El Guatòn"... I ate a biiiig sandwich, with meat, avocato, tomato and mayonaise. Well.. I ate a 1/2 of it... It was really big! And It had so much avocato! xD Then we went to the carrusel, I saw some people like Juka... not a lot, because this night is the last Visual Kei party, I won't go. Everyone was at his house, preparing himself! xD Juka lookes so cute today! xD
Well, then my dad came to screach me, and now I'm in a cyber at the mall, because my sisted wanted to come. Well, that's my wonderful beach day.

And my hair is salty.

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Music Performance, and things [thu dec 28th, 2006 »9:52p]
[ mood | ;_; ]

Today I had my music performance, because I play piano, guitar and Violin, but this year I didn't played violin, because I've changed the size, so It's difficult to change a instrument you've been playing por years...
It wasn't the best. I arrives,I was the firt to arrive, I pratices a bit, and I went to talk to my teacher, because I wanted to ask her something... So I listened a girl praticing the same song I would play... I asked why, and my teacher said that she would play yesterday, but she couldn't, I don't know why. I was really bitchy and sad, because I wanted to play something pretty and new, not the same as someone else. I said why she doesn't plays another song, ans she said She couldn't... Let's say she wasn't the best one at the piano... DAMMIT! I was really bitchy, and I was really frustrated. My teacher loves me, so she put me first... Well... The first I played "The fool on the Hill" by The Beatles... That's such a sweet song, The lyrics are awsome... I truly love that song! I played it,everything was alright.. And I was really happy... When everything went mblack was when I started playing the piano. I] heard a lot of wishpers, maube for my clothing... I started playing "Cerf-Volant" from the film "Les Choristes". Nice movie. I was really nervous... Especially the first time I made a mistake, I heard laughs... That was really disgusting...I made a lot of mistakes in that song. In the other one, I played better, but I was still nervous. Afted playing, I felt really bad! I'm really auto-exigent, so I was about to cry! Well... everyone said that my performance was really good, but I didn't felt it that way. I recieved flowers from my father... But I hears too a lot of commets of my outfit, and a boy back me started to move mi chair all the whole thing... Hope the next year will be better...
Tomorrow I'll maybe go to the beach with Tsukasa, Relena and Kyashi... I have to get the permision first...
I recieved my final marks... I got a 6.7 (the maximal mark is 7), I'm really happy by that... I recieved the anuary magazine of the school too... So I'll take some photos, and I'll make a litle resume of mu school year...

Well... Have a nice Day!

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[wed dec 27th, 2006 »11:41p]
[ mood | :I ]

Hello peoples!
Well... I'll resume my christmas...
I recieved a lot of cute clothing, and cute things... Like a plasma ball... It's amazing! Christmas Jack was good with me this year!
In the afternoon my uncle and cousins came, and a fire started near my house! I was afraid, mostly because some years ago, all the hill near my house was burning! And I could saw all the "spectacle"!!! And some years ago, we (my family) were in Brazil, and we knew that all the hill was burning... Because of the CNN D:!!! THE CNN!!! T___T
I took a lot of photos too... I'll upload some later, ok? I'm lazy!!
Yesterday I've god a new trauma! We were doing absolutly nothing near the Carrusel, and we saw tha near us, it was a OLD lady: FAT, REALLY UGLY, and wearing "SEXY" Clothing!!! And she had hairy armpits D:!!!! The worst, was that she was kissing his husband... Who wasn't really cute neither... Y the really WORST is that the man took off his shirt, and the fugly woman started to doing weir things... Reiiita took a picture of her... It's blurry... Everyone was afraid of tooking that picture! xD
Yesterday and today I saw a lot of people... That's cool~ And cool things happened these days... Funny and weird things! Things like this always happends around the visual kei fans here... We've got bad luck... really!
Tomorrow I have to go screach my final marks T_T Wish me good luck! *O*!
I really love my life right now, hope it doesn't changes...
Luff for the ones who reads...

And for you all...
The Sex symbolCollapse )

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[wed dec 27th, 2006 »10:09p]
[ mood | =DDDD ]

*This post is in spanish, cause I son't want to translate ir, dammit xD*

* Este es un juego donde la persona ha de poner sus 5 manías y a su vez nombrar a 5 amigos para que continuen la cadena. Así no iremos conociendo mejor.

Mis 5 manías:

1. Comerme las uñas T_T
2. Pensar en yaoi antes de dormir!
3. Creer que algún dia algún jrocker vendrá a este país ;_;
4. Ver todas la noches The X-Files
5. Llegar tarde a todo que no tenga nada que ver con el colegio xD

Gentee... e_e

x haruland
x zhamantha
x joesca
x brillantina
x aoisita

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[mon dec 25th, 2006 »4:41p]
[ mood | XMAS!!! ]

Merry XMas!!! Be happy with your family and your all beloved ones.
Luuf for you all!

I'll write about MY XMAS later =D

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